Escape room "Up"

Company: Escape Room Malaysia

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  6085 415 475
  Escape Room Lot 15, Jalan Merpati Miri Sarawak 98000 Malaysia

You are trapped inside a seemingly harmless house after accepting to a request to retrieve an old pilot’s cap with a special badge attached to it from a young boy. However, this particular house owned by a grumpy old man; is strangely filled to the brim with balloons of various shapes, colors, and sizes. You only have 45 minutes to retrieve badge before the house floats away; permanently lifting you off the ground and into the skies.

Reviews on escape game "Up"

  • Love the game! Even love the staffs more! All the staffs are so friendly!!! Now only left slaughter house not play yet. I will be back!!!!

    Wong Lui Leong

  • I had been to a few escape rooms in Malaysia and this place is the best I had been. The place and rooms are reallly done nicely and i felt like I am in a real situation with the incredible set up! I can feel like I am trapped in a slaughter house and fighting for my life to eacape! Not only the rooms but the whole mansion is so welcoming with free and private car park. The staffs are so friendly and very helpful! I played the slaughter house and heaven & hell and the state of art eletronic technology is cool. You must try! Thank you escape room miri for making me see the differences of the low budget and high end game.. A definite 5 star! Keep it up! Visited May 2015

    Martin C