Escape room "The Mummy"

Company: Escape Room Malaysia

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

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  eCurve Shopping mall, 2nd Floor, Lot 2-01(ii), Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya Selangor 47810 Malaysia

Over 3000 years ago, the trusted aide of the Pharaoh betrayed his master and attempted to flee the city with the Pharaoh’s mistress. Unfortunately his attempt resulted in failure and he was tortured and cursed to be buried with the great Pharaohs of Egypt as an eternal servant in the afterlife. Your team of adventurers and yourself has set out on a journey to seek out the lost treasure however; you’ve stumbled into the very same tomb and have simultaneously activated the Mummy’s curse. Band together to solve the mysterious tasks laid out before you by the architects of old to escape the Mummy’s wrath!

Reviews on escape game "The Mummy"

  • This is the best game that I never had before.I hope i can come again and play...Amazing

    Taty Zetty

  • GOod...good...good...#seremban#lynn

    Kristy Tan

  • Mind boggling adventure. Stressful,enjoy Heartbeat dupdupdup

    Grace Daniel