Escape game Seven[Closed]

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2F-09, The Shore Shopping Gallery No. 193, Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, 75100, Melaka Malaysia ()

606 281 4500

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World renowned micro-biologist - Dr. Shariz is dead. Hours before, the world watched in morbid horror as he announced that he had setup virus bombs in major cities around the world that will ensure half of the world's population be wiped out before ending his own life. The bomb has already been armed and counting down. You are part of a special ops team with the ability to travel back in time. You must go to Dr. Shariz's home where the bomb is. With your ability, uncover Dr. Shariz's secrets and his purpose, defuse the viral bomb before the world comes crumbling down in flames and mayhem in SEVEN. Seven will challenge your powers of observation & clue deciphering as you learn a valuable lesson that might change your world view. This leve