Escape game The Undying Temple[Closed]

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It was said that during the Heian period, there lived a geisha in the Miryoku district. Her beauty was truly captivating. Enchanted by her beauty, Emperor Saito fell in love with her after meeting her. The emperor then built the magnificent Miryoku Mansion in her honour where they could often meet. Many nobility and royalty have travelled since to gaze at her beauty but some were reported to have vanished without a trace on their journey. Some also say that the geisha was indeed an old witch and that she lured them in and used them for dark purposes. While touring and sight-seeing, you and your friends accidentally stumbled upon this forbidden area of the temple. Out of curiosity, you enter in and discovered the secret meeting place of Emperor Saito and the geisha. Suddenly, a strong breeze slam shut the door and now you are trapped inside the temple. Within 45 minutes, you need to find your escape or you will be cursed and forever be locked in this undying temple.