Escape game Curse of Snake Valley

Company: MAZE Escape Room


16, Jalan PJS 11/18 Bandar Sunway 47500 Petaling Jaya Selangor ()


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Anna and the expedition in the Sahara desert got a three-eyed harness and a serpentine scepter. They looked through the history and read any records, but this was also inseparable from the snake.
Through various difficult investigations, finally, a mysterious tribe gradually emerged. It is located in the remote area of Weizhou, and it is called the “snake” forbidden area. We have been guarded for generations, but we haven’t stepped in half a step. Through satellite identification, scientists found that the area was lush with vegetation, and the central zone seemed to have the shadow of buildings. This discovery shocked scientists. Is this an alien encounter or a continuation of the last one … As an expedition, can you reveal the true existence of human beings and whether you can escape successfully?

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