Escape game Ghost Coffin

Company: MAZE Escape Room


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I ’m Li Chunzhang, a teacher from the Tang dynasty.
desire. In order to achieve this, he would rather demolish the elite soldiers than dig a grave and dig a grave instead of using silver jewelry only for that ancient elixir and even take my life for experiments.
Unexpectedly, I survived and passed away for thousands of years. In order to find teachers, I have spent a lot of time and changed a lot. Jiulianzhu, I finally waited for this seal! As a professor of archeology, I took the academics and rushed in … And you are the students of the Department of Archeology. I heard about the archeological disappearance of Li Zhi for many years, and I have always wanted to investigate deeply.
With the development of science and technology and your own efforts, you finally found the Chi You tomb in the legend of Lu,

So can your advancement unravel the mystery of this millennium?

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