Escape room "Dreadnought"

Company: Breakout

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  (603) 2181-1835
  L4 - 09A , Level 4, Nu Sentral, 201

127 years ago, the world survived a catastrophic ice age known as the Whiteout and is now going through the aftermath of this global crisis, which blanketed lands with water and reduced the human population by large numbers. Nations now live on giant arks known as Dreadnought, which are able to sustain ecosystem and life on a smaller scale. Only a small percentage of land remains and every 20 years, candidates will be picked at random to be transported to this land to live out their remaining lives. Being the chosen ones selected this time, you and the rest board the transport vessel with glimmering excitement to finally see land for the first time.

Reviews on escape game "Dreadnought"

  • The place is well designed accordingly to the theme you have choose. Price is affordable especially if you are a CIMB card member. Very friendly staff and game master to explain how to start and play.

    Chester Tan

  • First time in Malaysia and we found this. Thought we'd give it a go and we loved it so much we did all the rooms! Staff made the whole thing even better so thank you James, Jess, Fascalla, Ryan and everyone else who made this so much fun!! Also, this needs to come to England!!! Please open one there!!

    Tessa Johnson