Escape room "The War for Rembrandt"

Company: Breakout

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  (603) 2181-1835
  L4 - 09A , Level 4, Nu Sentral, 201

In the year 1942, a war widely known as the War for Rembrandt broke out between the Nuevo Union and the Hetzel Republic, separating the world into two regions. One fights for the preservation of art and literacy materials while the latter regards them as manipulative material used by the other to usurp world nations. The Hetzel Republic had confiscated and stored away thousands of artifacts in a secret underground station known as the Train Graveyard. As a rebel group who believes in the importance of art and literature preservation, you have located the secret station and are prepared to infiltrate and transport the artifacts out of the station with the help of the Nuevo Union.

Reviews on escape game "The War for Rembrandt"

  • Very well-designed rooms and friendly staff. Definitely will come back for more

    Ken Ween

  • It was beyond a treasure hunt (which other places are offering). Truly mind challenging with intellectual puzzles, tried one and we were hooked. Our story teller was very good at narrating and roping us into the game which enhanced the game further.. Keep up the good job guys, waiting with much excitement & anticipation for the next one in Nu Sentral!

    Stephanie C