Escape room "Terraform"

Company: Breakout

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

  (603) 2181-1835
  L4 - 09A , Level 4, Nu Sentral, 201

After a collision with a stray asteroid, the Moon is slowly edging towards Earth. This alarming phenomenon is disrupting the gravitational force on Earth and will prove to bring impending doom to life on Earth. As a group of astronauts dispatched into Mars’ orbit, your primary objective is to analyze and create a suitable chemical equation to allow humans to breathe on Mars. While waiting for the analysis, your crew has gone into hyper-sleep for 3 months, but are awakened by a sudden impact on your space station. The unprecedented scenario forces you and your crew to make the inevitable and difficult decision to evacuate while abandoning years of research on Mars, along withthe possible solution to human extinction.

Reviews on escape game "Terraform"

  • Really fun for those who like a chalkange. Put your brains to the test and see how far you can go. Had fun with my friends there few days ago.

    Juhann Teh

  • awesome! to all adventure n mystery lovers, a must try!!

    Nur Hanisah

  • It was truly awesome! We had so much fun, never did such a game before! Definetely come back, when next time in KL!

    Anna Ze