Escape room "Materia Medica"

Company: Breakout

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  (603) 2181-1835
  L4 - 09A , Level 4, Nu Sentral, 201

A mysterious physician called Han appeared in the small town of Wu Shan one day and immediately became famous among villagers for his remarkable medicine and healing abilities. As the previous top physician in the village, you are determined to find out the secret of this mysterious man’s background and the ingredients of his miraculous medicine. On a quiet evening, while the physician is away on an errand, you quickly sneak in with your assistants to gather what information you can in hopes of recreating the same medicine.

Reviews on escape game "Materia Medica"

  • superbly crafted and executed! I will be back for more..

    Nakul Vyas

  • Great game, we really enjoyed